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Tech/Games industry content expert. Experienced in crafting a wide range of articles and content. (Features, blog posts, interviews, B2B, case studies, brand journalism, etc.)

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Stringio article

Amoebattle for iPhone and iPad | Macworld

This colorful real-time strategy game for Apple's iOS devices boasts a brisk challenge to match its enticing gameplay....

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Nine great games for your new iPhone or iPad

With the chaos of the holidays slowly subsiding into the background, you’ve finally got a few moments to catch your breath and unwind a bit before getting back to the grind of your normal routine. We ...

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iOS Game Review: Battles will charm you in Outwitters

Hero Academy may have put asynchronous multiplayer games on the iOS map, but Outwitters, a turn-based strategy game by One Man Left, drenches the familiar formula in an absurd level of bubbly efferves...

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Velocirapture for iPhone and iPad

We’re pretty sure the extinction of the dinosaurs had nothing to with biblical Armageddon, yet Adult Swim’s laughably bizarre interpretation of prehistory wins big points for goofy creativity. ...