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Open uri20121202 23112 1qi2xo6 article

Homophobia and Harassment in the Online Gaming Age

The explosive growth of online gaming communities in recent years has created amazing opportunities to go head-to-head against all kinds of players from around the world. But the vast freedom and flex...

Open uri20130702 9172 18xjana article

Black Knight Sword Review - IGN

Black Knight Sword would win any WTF? Award, but it's also got the responsibility of being a fun video game. And it's not quite as fun as it is weird.

Open uri20130702 10097 r3os2c article

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Review - IGN

The gratuitous brutality of Chivalry's melee combat teeters between comedic and cathartic.

Open uri20130702 5532 5tbwjv article

Free Bytes: Dreamside Maroon - IGN

Riding a wickedly growing vine into the cosmos is probably one of the more unusual ideas for a game I've encountered, but that's part of what makes the unpredictable nature of off-the-beaten path game development so interesting.

Open uri20130702 5532 1cscqn1 article

Free Bytes: Radical Fishing - IGN

Have you ever gone fishing with a gatling gun? How about using a chainsaw for a lure? Radical Fishing makes the pastime a full-contact sport bathed in buckets of blood.

Open uri20130517 16207 vlvcso article

Sanctum 2 Merges First-Person Shooting and Tower Defense. Intriguing...

It's great to see Coffee Stain Studios is taking a much-needed baseball bat to the ol' bees nest for Sanctum 2, the upcoming sequel to its cool first-person shooter/tower defense hybrid, upping the da...

Open uri20130702 12350 1cksfis article

Strike Suit Zero: Transform and Annihilate - IGN

Rocketing through the stars in a hi-tech spacecraft is almost always 400 percent more awesome when you can transform mid-flight.

Terraria 360/PS3 Review - IGN

Terraria's simple looks conceal staggering depth, both literally and figuratively. Dig in!

Open uri20130702 10097 1nhn9re article

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Review - IGN

Is this playable love-letter to Ferrari a dream to drive, or a $5,000 oil-change nightmare?

The War Z: Murder of the Fittest - IGN

Surviving alone is tough, but trying to find a partner who won't kill you at the first opportunity is even harder.

Open uri20121202 24954 1mylvjj article

Guns of Icarus Online Review

→ November 16, 2012
Being stuck on an airship with a skeleton crew of strangers tasked with keeping it from being blown out of the sky makes Guns of Icarus Online one of the most thrilling multiplaye...

Open uri20121202 23112 1mjg72s article

Free Bytes: Attack of the 50ft Robot

Take a moment to imagine anything you'd ever want to do if you were a giant rampaging robot sent to destroy humankind in the 1950s. Yeah, you can pretty much do ALL of it in Attack of the 50ft Robot. ...