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Tech/Games industry content expert. Experienced in crafting a wide range of articles and content. (Features, blog posts, interviews, B2B, case studies, brand journalism, etc.)

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Open uri20130702 10097 xzsihp article

Alan Wake Review -

Killer storytelling and creative demon slaying make the haunting Alan Wake one for the books.

Open uri20130702 12085 1jv5l4y article

Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review -

Wake's journey gets less creepy and more shooty in the fun but flawed American Nightmare.

Open uri20130702 5532 6t57zv article

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Review -

The unique tower defense hybrid Anomaly: Warzone Earth makes a smooth transition to the Xbox 360.

Stringio article

Calling Review -

Ripping off every Japanese horror trick in the book doesn't make this poor attempt at survival horror any scarier.

Open uri20130702 10097 avvq1o article

Don't Starve Review -

Survival and crafting take a turn for the brutal in this fascinating adventure.

Open uri20130702 10097 1gv6jg8 article

Fray Review -

A limited online community and a myriad of bugs hurt Fray, a turn-based strategy game.

Open uri20130702 5532 f7865c article

Kirby's Return to Dreamland Review -

Kirby revisits his roots in this fun, familiar platformer.

Open uri20130702 5532 t3xyyy article

Miasmata Review -

Survival in the woods is a creepy, fun challenge full of botanical terror in Miasmata.

Open uri20130702 5532 1gttl10 article

Minecraft Review -

Building, crafting, and adventuring doesn't get much better than in Minecraft.

Open uri20121202 24954 v71ohk article

War of the Roses Review

After you lose too much blood and collapse to the ground, there's nothing as unsettling as watching helplessly while your foe towers over you and proceeds to stab a broadsword through your ribs to fin...