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Nathan Meunier

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Tech/Games industry content expert. Experienced in crafting a wide range of articles and content. (Features, blog posts, interviews, B2B, case studies, brand journalism, etc.)

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Warp Review | GamesRadar

Some games give you a chance to get inside the mind of your foes to gain a strategic advantage. Warp goes one step further by letting you hop inside their bodies then shake their guts around until the...

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Retro consoles spawn modern music | GamesRadar

With every new generation of über-sexy, high-powered gaming consoles, another wave of outdated machines are inducted into the videogame hardware hall

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Muscle March | GamesRadar

Who doesn’t want to see a dancing polar bear in a tight Speedo gyrate around to thumping techno and bright flashing colors? If you recoiled in horror after that last sentence, then hold on to your bis...

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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Review

"Epic" feels too inadequate a word to describe the massive space battles that pulse like lifeblood through the heart of Sins of a Solar Empire. Panning the camera around for an intimate view of the ma...